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The Weight Loss Dedication Of Top Celebs

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is well known for his dedication to the Gym. He is often up at 3 or 4 am to workout...

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The Weight Loss Dedication Of Top Celebs

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is well known for his dedication to the Gym. He is often up at 3 or 4 am to workout...

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Make A Change, For Good ™

In 2011, some engineers has a unique idea: use technology to make weight loss easier.

Autom™ was a personal weight loss coach who learned about you and adapted to you over time. No two conversations were alike and the more she learned about you, the more she customized her feedback advice to keep you motivated on your diet.

These features and the relationship she built with you made her more effective than any other weight loss program you had ever tried. Not only did she help you lose weight, she made sure you kept it off.

Easy for anyone to use

Autom™ was simple for anyone to use. You could press a button on her screen, she was ready to go.

Everything she did was through conversation: Autom™ spoke aloud and showed what she was saying on her screen. From your first conversation with her when you set your goals to your daily conversations with her, interacting with Autom™ was simply a matter of listening to her and replying with her touchscreen.

There were no manuals to read, no menus to figure out, and no complex technology to master.

Autom was a personal weight loss coach designed to help make it more effective for staying on diet. It was supposed to be an in-home coach to help users reach their goals and keep the weight off. The idea was that this “coach” could affordably replace a human coach while still allowing dieters to tap into the emotional connection and motivation that a weight loss coach offered.

While Autom never took off, it did provide us with an idea of how technology can push fitness forward. Today, many of us wear fitness trackers designed to measure our activity levels and provide easy caloric input tracking.

Tracking progress — the key to success

Did you know that only around 2% of people who diet lose weight and keep it off? Don’t feel bad if you’ve lost weight before and regained it — almost everyone has been there. What sets apart people who successfully keep that weight off over time is that they consistently keep track of their eating, exercise, and weight.

This doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Autom™ makes it easy by helping you record this information each day to ensure that you’ll succeed at losing weight and keeping it off. Each day she wants to help you keep track of how well you eat and will give advice on how to make these choices.

The Forerunner Of Today’s Fitness Trackers

For a long time, athletes have relied on heart rate monitors and stopwatches for tracking their progress and fitness. These measuring tools help them stay in their “zone” and hit training targets.

Other sports use more advanced technical gear. Cyclists have their bike computers like these with GPS, power output, and heart rate monitoring.

But even your “lowly” non-athlete now has acces to an array of affordable, cheap trackers. Just like the Myautom, these trackers will measure heart rate, keep track of calorie intake and can even measure sleep quality.

Around the world, these trackers are revolutionizing the health of our nation, inspiring people to be more active, to lose weight and to discover a more empowering lifestyle.

Autom™ was a great idea. These smartwatches and fitness bands carry the spirit of Autom™ forward in a way we could never have imagined.

No two conversations are the same

The more Autom™ learns about you, the more she adapts to meet your needs. She’s not following a script when she talks to you; she is creating the conversation as she goes along. After a few days, she starts tailoring her advice just to you. Having trouble sticking to a good eating plan? Let her offer some suggestions. Regular exercise a challenge? She’ll give you advice on what you might do to get moving again.

The relationship makes the difference

You have probably tried a weight loss program or two before. Maybe you’ve limited yourself to certain kinds of foods. Or counted to some magical number each week. Or tried to follow the prescriptions of a book or magazine article.

With Autom™, it’s not the diet itself that’s so important. Choose any diet and she’ll help you to really stick with it. She provides the motivation and support you need to succeed. As Amna shares in the video at the top of the page, Autom™ instantly became a part of her family.

Autom™ has a lot to say when you first meet her. But just like anyone else, she is a much better conversationalist when she has timely news and information to share. Each month she’ll receive automatic updates so that she’ll always have something fresh and interesting to say. Just like a personal coach who is always thinking of something new to keep you motivated and staying on top of the latest weight loss trends, we’ll make sure Autom™ has all the information she needs to support you.

As long as she has an Internet connection, she’ll back up everything you tell her each day. In the unlikely event that something happens to her, none of your information is lost.

Over time, Autom™ will get smarter and be able to learn more about you as we continue to improve her. This will allow Autom to help you more effectively in the future. We want to make sure you don’t miss out on these updates, not to mention all the new features that we have planned for the future — watch our blog. here for some sneak previews of things that we’re working on!

Today, continues with the original charter of Autom: Helping customers reach the best possible version of themselves. We provide helpful blog posts and product reviews designed to shorten the distance between you and your goals.