Muscle Soreness Hacks To Get You Back To The Gym In Record Time


It isn’t that you don’t have the want-to or will power to get back to the gym today, it’s that you literally are struggling to step out of the house because you trashed your quads yesterday.

I know how you feel. My husband and I did leg day yesterday and my glutes hurt so badly that it makes me want to yell every time I stand up or sit down. Which is why today is arm day.

But that aside, here are a few quick and easy habits to form if you are wanting to workout on a regular basis. These things will help your muscles heal faster and make your fitness lifestyle something you can love instead of dread.


  1. Up The Protein – As your body works to repair the muscles stretched by a workout, it burns through a lot more of your energy reserves than you might suspect. For body building, you need as much as twice as much protein per day as the average person for your body to effectively build more mass.

2. BCAAs – Shown to reduce damage done to muscles during workout AND to boost muscle mass synthesis, BCAAs should be taken before and after a workout. (And, btw, if you start your day with them then you halt the fasting muscle burn that your body initiates every night during sleep)

3. Hydrate – Delayed onset muscle soreness can by caused by a lack of hydration during the workout, and can take up to 4 days to go away. If you hydrate before you start, then space your water intake so that every 10-15 minutes you are drinking at least 4 ounces of water, you may be able to prevent this.

4. Rotate Workouts – Give each muscle set a couple of days to heal between intense workouts. Leg Day – Arm Day – Cardio Day – Leg Day – Arm Day – Cardio Day — and etc.

5. Ice It – Before jumping in a hot tub to soak the pain away, get some ice on the muscles you targeted. By cooling the inflammation you prevent them from becoming further damaged and speed healing significantly.

6. Epsom Salt Baths – Epsom salt is a mineral composition that mostly consists of magnesium that your muscles absorb that allows them to relax and boosts circulation, preventing knots and allowing your body to recharge the cells as it needs to.

7. Tart Cherry Juice – Adding some tart cherry juice to your recovery drink can reduce inflammation in your muscles, not only reducing pain and soreness but speeding actual healing.

8. Coffee РUniversity of Georgia released findings from a small study showing that consuming the equivalent of two cups of coffee before your workout can cut your post workout aches by nearly half. I like coffee, and I like working out, so this seems like a win-win to  me!

9. Stretch — Don’t start lifting with cold, unstretched muscles. Take a few minutes of slow stretching to make sure you’ve warmed up and activated your muscles before putting a weight strain on them then you will have a much more effective and much less damaging workout.





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