Bellabeat Leaf Review



I recently wrote in depth about the Michael Kors tracker. Here is another fun female-oriented tracker that blends jewelry and technology to create a discrete tracker.

This one is bigger than the Kors Access, but it also is more versatile in how you wear it.

Many of the users enjoy wearing it as a necklace instead of a bracelet. You can attach it to any chain (although it comes with one).

You can also clip it to your pants or shirt, making it more discrete for when its bulkiness is going to clash with your other jewelry.

The sleep tracking is one of the best features. You can try different things to improve your sleep such as going to a darker, cooler room, and then you can visualize how those things helped you.

Just as with the Access, you don’t need to recharge the battery. However, this one is supposed to last longer, giving you close to a year of use.

Finally, it works as a fertility tracker to help you track your period and peak fertility dates. Considering that smart jewelry is something that most women wear, it is neat that this one is geared towards for women.

Other than it’s bulkiness, it seems to be a nice option. The fact that it clips to clothing and has multiple options for wearing it makes is a better choice for those gift shopping for their loved ones.



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