The Weight Loss Dedication Of Top Celebs


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is well known for his dedication to the Gym. He is often up at 3 or 4 am to workout before heading to the movie set. It doesn’t matter how crazy his life gets, he’s focused on staying at the top of his game.

“Khloe gives as much to the gym as the gym gives to her”

Khloe Kardashian is another athlete well-known for her dedication. Gunnar Peterson has praised Kardashian for her dedication. Her Beverly Hills-based trainer explains why Khloe’s physical transformation has been so major: “We keep her mind challenged and her body guessing, and the focus is on building strength. She never cancels! Some days it’s more heart-rate intensive, some days it’s more lower-extremities intensive, some days the upper extremities get a little extra love.”

Can you imagine never skipping? I think, in some ways, it helps to have that trainer waiting on your every day. It helps motivate you to workout. But, still, not skipping a workout has got to be one of my biggest challenges.

Khloe Kardashian in the Gym

Gunnar adds “As the changes have come, the diet has tightened up … She’s made better choices when she eats. She’s been more conscious about working on sleep habits. She hydrates better. She keeps getting after it and she keeps getting better. We’re always playing with our workouts. We’re always making it that much more challenging.”

All of that hard work and off-the-charts focus is paying off. We are seeing her start to land some of the most coveted modeling jobs in the industry. And, sure, her name brand helps. But even the biggest names in the industry couldn’t model without having the body.

It also helped that she was going through a breakup and had plenty of angst to pour into her workout. It is a post-breakup, make you miss me, revenged body?

“Yeah, it’s a revenge body”

Khloe says. It’s also her way of lashing out at the critics who always referred to her as being  ‘the fat one’. It was unfair that they always criticized her for her body.

Khloe’s workout consists of hitting the gym 2-3 times every week on nonconsecutive days. Every time she goes in, it is for a complete, full-body workout. Each workout includes 2-5 sets, depending on her trainer’s goals for the day.

Many people make the mistake when trying to add  an exercise in is by biting off more than they can chew time-wise. It is not a requirement to go to the gym in order to workout. While doing an hour of cardio is certainly beneficial, you can actually get more benefit out of 3, 20 minute workouts if you find that you stick with them more consistently than just doing one big workout. This consistency can add up to a major overall change to your health.

Khloe Kardashian Running

One of the best ways to start getting in shape is to add painless activities to your day to boost your movement. for example, if you can curb 100 calories per day, you can avoid that 1-2 pound gain most of us add in a year.

Cut your diet by another 100 calories and go on a 15 minute walk each night and you are well on your way to losing 4 pounds a year.

And who doesn’t enjoy going on a nightly walk?

However, if you wanted to get a little more aggressive with your weight loss, you want to get a 500 calorie reduction. If you cut 200 calories out of your daily diet and increased your caloric burn by burning 300 calories more through exercise, you can easily shed 1 pound per week.

It sounds like a lot, but for me the challenge is that I almost feel like I am not making a big enough change.

If the pounds don’t come off, keep increasing your caloric deficit by 100 calories per day until you get to where you are losing 1 pound per week. This is an ideal rate that is not too fast, gives you energy for your day-to-day living and is highly sustainable.

The idea is to lose a pound of fat each week with no pain or diet deprivation.

It’s thos little things that are going to add up to make a difference. Don’t underestimate the power of small changes. As sedentary as our lives have gotten, small changes can add up to be pretty powerful. This is why many people choose to wear an activity tracker so they can be motivated to move more.

Here are a few painless ideas for losing weight:

All rise! You will likely burn 140 calories per hour when standing and only 100 calories when sitting. Getting on your feet for an added 2 hours per day can — by itself — add up to an additionally 6 pounds of weight loss every year. Stand while having phone calls and invest in a box you can set on your desk to prop the keyboard or laptop up to standing height.

Take the stairs, We all know this, but the stairs make all of the difference. When they moved my office to the third floor, I promptly lost 3 pounds the first two months  by taking the stairs at all times. Four trips a day can easily add up to an additional 8 calories of fat busting calorie activity.

Lose the remote. I think this one is funny. I mean, if I didn’t have a remote, I probably wouldn’t watch TV. But I do like to do squats and pushups while watching TV.

Park and Walk. Can someone explain to me why everyone parks as close as possible to the gym door? Park in the back corner and walk in the way fit people do! Plus, it has the added benefit of not wasting your time trying to find a parking spot!

Walk and talk! Find a friend and spend some of your lunch breaks getting that 15 minute daily walk in!

Be creative! Lose the “all or nothing” mindset and get creative how you can workout. I like to keep a 5 lb dumbell near my desk for doing light curls while I am waiting on projects to render.

Khloe Kardashian Running

The biggest deal when it comes to weight loss is your calories. You need to hone in on your diet and figure out where you can ruthlessly crush those excess calories. Removing the junk sodas is huge for many people and can quickly add up to 200+ calories a day in weight loss.

The big deal, as always, is to make sustainable changes.

“We’re always playing with our workouts”

Khloe Kardashian has been open about how she’s lost about 35 pounds between diet and exercise.

“I just got my motivation for the year!” Kardashian gushed after seeing Beyonce’s super-fit body in a nude Givenchy dress. Beyonce is an inspiration for many, having stuck to a vegan diet to drop 65 pounds following her pregnancy.

Khloe posted several Instagram photos  where she showed off her tiny waist and healthy booty and talked about her diet and the efforts she had been making to get into shape.

Peterson, who helped Khloe’s sister, Kim Kardashian, lose 56 pounds just six months after childbirth, said Khloe is extremely dedicated to diet and exercise. Peterson said Khloe has never looked better following her recent weight loss.

“Khloe’s a full-on animal in the gym”

“The changes she’s made to her body are incredible. She’s done it the right way. Nothing fast, just hard work. Her body is bangin’ right now.”



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