[Cyclist’s Dream] Cateye Strada With Cadence And Pulse Review


The Cateye has long been a top leader in the industry. They have long produced the Astrale 8 that was a wired way to measure cadence and speed.

They discontinued the ASTRALE 8 and switched to the wireless Strada system. And, recently, they added heart rate measurements to it, which is a nice feature.

One of the neat things about the Strada is that it has a rear mounted speed sensor which means that this cyclometer will work even when you are using this trainer in the off-season. (cheaper speedometers have a hard time sending the wireless signal all the way to the back of the bike).

The addition of a heart rate strap makes this a serious contender for the athlete who wants to push their health. The heart rate is a proven measurement of exertion and can be a key way for athletes who feel like they are “tapped out” to recognize that they have a lot more to push through. For the serious athlete, it is an essential tool to reach the next level and to break out of plateaus.



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