Workouts You Can Do Wherever You Are


Did you know that a high intensity interval workout burns almost twice as many calories as going for a run? And it builds core strength and muscle mass as well.

It isn’t the only thing you want in your workout routine, for sure, but haven’t we all had a day stuck in a hotel room (or our sister-in-law’s house) where we were dying to get out and run a few miles, or blast out a weight routine.

But it can be uncomfortable to go for a run somewhere where you aren’t familiar with the neighborhoods, and it’s not often that you have access to a full gym while traveling.

So to get your heart rate up and to burn off Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies (she keeps on handing you another. And another. And another. And another.) try creating a high speed set of reps with the following body weight workouts that require no equipment and very little room.

I personally love this short and easy routine from because if you have a space as long as you are tall and three or four feet wide, you can do a full routine.

Use these basic tips to make sure your HIIT workout will work where you are.

  1. Scope Out A Workout Spot

If you end up doing an HIIT workout in your room then it isn’t the end of the world, but take five minutes before hand to check for a patch of grass, a corner of a playground, a garage, or an empty parking spot to do your workout. You don’t need much space, and being out of your room will give you the freedom to not worry about noise or impact.

2. Wear Sock Feet

It’s hard to workout quietly, but if you are in a carpeted hotel room or guest bedroom, don’t wear your shoes. This will allow you to step and land more softly and keep your noise level down. Avoid the exercises that include jumping (like burpees and jump planks)  and stick with the lunges, pushups, crunches, planks, and etc.

3. Keep Up The Pace

To get the satisfaction of feeling like you’ve had a good workout you will need to keep the intensity and pace at a nice high level so that your heart rate stays up and you get a good sweat. Maintaining a high pace for 20-25 minutes will give you a good caloric burn and keep you from craving a long cardio workout.








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