Fitness Trackers Fall Short In This Major Area


We all have a favorite fitness tracker. Whether its an app on our phone or a wrist band accessory, it’s addicting to run step and calorie counters. The “gaming” aspect of hittiing accomplishment levels and reaching goals makes staying a little bit healthier a whole lot easier.

But they don’t do any good if we don’t turn them on.

And while we love the days when we make that 10k goal, we also love the freedom of leaving the tracker on the nightstand.s we are discouraged, or depressed, and nothing is harder to conquer than our own mental roadblocks.

So here are a few tips for creating the personal strength of character that you need to not only hit that step count goal, but to go beyond and live a strong and joy filled life.


  1.  Go To Bed

The absolute first step to a better life is to turn off the tv, leave your phone in the other room, and get in bed. Blue light in our screens keeps our minds in “daytime” mode and will prevent sleep until your body is failing from exhaustion.  This causes a brutal cycle of sleeping too late, feeling badly when you wake up, never functioning at 100% and often being discouraged by your alarm rather than being excited to start a new day!

It’s hard to reset your sleep clock, so once you establish a bed time that will work with your lifestyle, take a couple weeks to avoid caffeine (including in chocolate) in the evenings and turn off all electronics a full hour before heading to bed. At that time take a meletonin supplement and turn down the lights. Sit under an incandescent light to read a book that has yellow tint to the pages or indulge in something like sudoku or an intricate coloring book.


2. Get Up On Time.

Once you get a good sleep pattern established you will be able to set your alarm and wake up energized and ready to go, instead of dragging. Oversleeping will cause you to drag as well, so make sure you make your mind wake up by getting your body out of bed when that alarm goes off.

3.  Make Your Bed.

In a recently viral video of an admiral giving a charge, a top ranking officer spoke about the importance of making your bed in the morning. You will have the sense of accomplishment from having finished the first little thing on your list.

4. Give Thanks.

Tony Robbins is a world renown life coach that drags people out of depression and empowers them. His morning 10 minute empowerment routine is spelled out in this article and revolves around a life of gratitude.

So, to summerize. Get good sleep. Wake up before you oversleep.  Make your bed. Be grateful. Do these four things and strapping on that fitness tracker won’t be your first accomplishment of the day, but it will be a small step in turning your life into a journey of fitness.



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