Foam Rollers As An At Home Fitness Essential


You can spend a lot of money on a lot of equipment for that spare bedroom or man cave, but you might be surprised to find that a small piece of foam can empower you more than the next $2500 piece of equipment.

Use As An Exercise Enhancer

We all know the basics of crunches and squats, and have seen how some risers can up a Yoga game, but we can get a shocking amount more bang for our buck if we use a roller during some of those routines.

My favorite set of exercises that utilize the roll are in this little slide show from Women’s Health. All of those reps done sans roller seemed to be dust in the wind once I felt the burn of adding the roller to raise hip and leg height, or to make that crunch a little deeper.

A basic aerobic workout suddenly became a beast mode training session when I learned to utilize it properly.

And not only is it an amazing workout booster, there are a great many stretches that you cannot accomplish without a block or roll, unless you are in a fully equipped gym with a massive stretching cage. This simple foam cylinder can replace a lot of space and money with a little bit of practice and some flow charts.

Use For Stretching And Therapy

One of the biggest fears I have had about working out is that I do not have a trainer or spotter watching me to make sure I don’t screw up some muscle I can’t fix. Without ever having spent a lot of time being coached, working out is something I was very timid about.

I dislocated a rib once. One in the back, behind my shoulder blade. For three days I could barely, and I was terrified of doing any form of physical activity. My husband brought home a foam roller and a print out of exercises for me to try in an attempt to reach whatever was causing the pain. I got a bit of momentary relief, but it didn’t fix it, so the next day I was off to the chiropractor.

Once the doc had replaced the rib, he gave me a print  out that looked freakishly like the one my husband had used to try to help me. “If you have a foam roller at home, try these to keep the area relaxed and the rib in place. If not, stop and get one on the way home.”

A few days of the stretches and routines later, I was back in my groove of exercise and none the worse for the wear.




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