Garmin Vivomove Watch [Simple Tracker]


I am such a fan of watches. Typically I wear a smartwatch that also tracks my activity, but the Garmin ditches the smartwatch to get a more fashion-forward watch that doesn’t scream “nerd.”

This is not a smartwatch. It looks and acts like a watch.

However, it has an activity tracker built into the watch that syncs with your app.

The watch is fairly thick but has a simple design. It tells you the time and your activity levels. No date display and no luminosity. These spartan features help the battery last for an entire year.

It pairs quickly with your phone and tracks your step and your sleep. There is no vibrating motor for alerts or alarms.

Compared to the competition, this is a beautiful, lightweight, fitness tracker that reminds you to stay active and may well add years to your life without being flashy.



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