Garmin Vivosmart HR + Review | The Ultimate Fitness Computer?



You are fast but she is faster. Now, the expensive, high powered tracking that we used to use at sanctioned 5k races are available for anyone to wear on their wrist.

Many know that our site started as a development company for a novel new way of tracking food and activity. The idea was that this little robotic computer could sit on a countertop and provide easy access for tracking calories.

Now, we just wear them on our wrists, everywhere we go.

Garmin has long been the industry-leader for wearables, but, due to their advanced technology their price is consistently out of the reach of mere mortals.

With Fitbit leading the way, however, Garmin seized the opportunity to excel in the world of consumer wearables and introduced the Vivosmart.

Today we are taking a look at their second generation device, the Vivosmart HR+. Is it worth the money? Is it the best option for your?

While it shares many of the same features of the Vivosmart HR, the “+” model offers more than any other device in this category.

One of the neat features is the weather app that can pull weather from your phone and display it on your wrist, giving you a quick method to see what is coming your way.

This is the same Heart rate sensor that is used on all of the Garmin devices, including the Forerunner series. It’s a proven sensor that many athletes rely on. However, unlike the chest sensors, you don’t get as accurate of a reading as you do with a cheststrap heart rate monitor.

It is not cheststrap compatible.

Compared to the Jawbone and Fitbit, you may also not get as accurate of a heart rate reading. Some people feel like the heartrate system on the Jawbone or Fitbit is more accurate.

One of the best things this device has is the GPS tracking system. This helps to track your workout for cycling, swimming and running. It also auto-tracks many of the workouts where it detects that you are working out so you don’t have to start and stop.

It also tracks elevation, for those of you doing distance cardio.

It is an excellent fitness tracker for those wanting to track their weekly activity. However it goes beyond that and offers the functionality that the more serious athlete is looking.

What Is Broadcast Mode?

This allows you to broadcast the heart rate from the Vivosmart plus to any other Garmin device. For athletes who also have, say an Edge strapped to their bike, this can be a nice way to get a more accurate heart rate calculation. However, the wrist calculation is less likely to be as accurate as the chest strap.

How Long Does It Take To Charge?

It takes 1-3 hours to charge it, and can last 13 hours when using the GPS mode and up to 8 days in Smartwatch mode.

vs fitbit charge 2

Fitbit Charge2 is an excellent device, but this one is narrower and offers more flexibility and features.

vs vivoactive hr

Very similar to the Vivoactive HR with a crisper screen display and more features.



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