Exercising in The Great Outdoors — Why It’s Better


There are a great many health benefits to being out doors. That shouldn’t need to be said, but in our increasingly climate controlled and technology based world, getting outside is a rarity.

The main benefits are some of the following:

1. Varying Temperatures and Terrain

It’s easy to get bored with fitness when you are looking at the same wall every day. And screen time is bad for your mental health, so your brain is suffering from that screen you stare at while your body is benefiting from the treadmill. Getting outside for your daily cardio burn is a way to keep your mind engaged and ward off depression.

Workout in doors and exercise is a chore. Workout out doors and it can very quickly become your addiction.

2. Sunlight

SKIN CANCER! Turn of the sunshine! Cover it up! Hide from it! Slather these chemicals on so that it never touches you! DON’T LET THE SUN KILL YOU!

Did you know that over 77% of our population has fallen into a vitamin D deficient” category recently?

And that wearing SPF15 or greater sunscreen blocks vitamin D production in your body by 99%?

So what are we supposed to do? Get cancer so we can get VitaminD?

Honestly? I’m done with all of it. These days the chemicals in sunscreen are more commonly linked to cancer, and our fear of the sun has the majority of our population (instead of the minutia that gets skin cancer) living with a deficiency that can become life threatening. Depression, susceptibility to cancer, dementia, heart disease, and premature death are all linked to this vitamin that we have only began to miss in our bodies since the sunscreen and skin cancer craze began.

For me, I’ll take a little bit of low SPF, chemical and paraben free sunscreen and run in the sun all day long.

3. Cold and Hot Air

You can add a significant amount of caloric burn to your workout by require your body to wark a bit harder on temperature regulation. In the summer you it’s crucial to stay super well hydrated so that your body can sweat it out, and a little bit of shivering and fighting to stay warm during a winter run can make your workout significantly more effective.

4. Natural Elements Vitalize You

Literally. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s actually scientifically proven that fresh oxygen and the smells of trees, grass, flowers, and dirt, along with the vitamin producing rays of the sun and and the natural stress reducing, as well as the smell of rain and the sounds of wind can help get your cortisol under control and make you feel youthful and relaxed.


So #gooutside and enjoy what your body was meant to enjoy!





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