Michael Kors Access Tracker Review


Shopping the local Michael Kors store, a small piece of jewelry in the watch cabinet caught my eye.

It was curious that they would have this new bracelet in the electronics section. After all, there was nothing electronic about it!

That’s when I was introduced to the Michael Kors Crosby Access Activity Tracker.

We all know the Fitbit and the aarmin. They are bulky and eye-catching in a bad way. Wearing one in fancy dress screams “I’m overly concerned about my weight and don’t know how to cut loose and have a good time.”

Accurate, yes and with added features. But bulky.

The Michael Kors is everything those aren’t. It is affordable, simplistic and designed to discretely track your fitness activity without screaming “I’m self-conscious about my weight.” (All of us are. Not all of us want to scream about it to every stranger).

Tracks Steps. This is the basic feature and helps ensure that you are getting enough basic activity throughout your day. Many of us struggle with weight loss simply because our lives do not require enough movement.

Set Goals. I’m a goal-oriented person. Having a daily goal to beat keeps me on target and moving forward. With this, you can adjust your walking goals to match your life and then constantly push them up to “gamify” your way into more movement.

Tracks Sleep. If you wear it to sleep, it detects the lack of motion and helps you measure how well — or fitfully — you slept. I enjoy this as it can explain to me why I feel groggier on some days than others.

Highly Adjustable. One of the great features is that it will adjust to any hand size. Even ladies with small wrists appreciate how it easily sizes down to match their wrist.

Wears Well With Other Bracelets. It goes well with other bracelets. With current styles, most of us wear multiple bracelets at a time, anyhow. This tracker looks like it belongs and doesn’t impose itself on your style.

Water Resistant. It is not waterproof, but it is water resistant enough to shower with it.

Doesn’t Need Charging. Because it comes with a non-rechargeable battery, you never have to charge it between uses. The battery is designed to last about three months at a time.

Pros: It blends in well with your style and does advertise your fitness goals.

Cons: It is a very basic tracker that makes sure you are moving and sleeping. But then isn’t that all most of us need?



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