Genetics and Alzheimer’s — A New Study


I struggle with news reports that do nobody any good.
Seriously, what’s the point?

In a study released in March of this year (2017) the powers that be have determined that they can predict not only how likely you are to get Alzheimer’s, but at what age the onset will be.

My issue isn’t that they are studying, but the reason behind the study. Because the reality is that predicting a dementia like this will do nothing but cause massive spikes in depression and suicide.

Which is why I take issue with the study. Because I have a hard time not believing that that’s exactly what they want. It’s like they are trying to find ways to convince the world to let them kill of our elderly before they get expensive. How horrifying is that? And beyond that, any kind of testing process they can get people to spend money on is going to be approved, even if there is no possible positive from testing.

While they say the testing process is supposedly so that they can work on finding ways to prevent the dementia inducing disease, they also go on to say that the test “isn’t quite ready for clinic use”, which means they are gonna go ahead and make a whole lot of money off of giving people a death-by-torture sentence.

I wish I could just will the testing process away. Those of us who have lived through Alzheimer’s diagnosis and progression know that, as with any awful disease, there are still things to live for regardless of what the tests say you have eating your body away.

I hope the doctors working on this caution the public to avoid testing. I hope they only use it to find candidates for cure research. I hope it never becomes a test that is available in clinics.

And I pray that it’s never used in a way that causes anyone to take their own life.





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