Don’t Let Your Age Get You Down


There’s an increasing trend towards older models and fitness gurus. As celebrities like Sylvester Stalone (71), Jane Fonda (76), Helen Mirren (63), show us what it means to not give a rats ass about being a senior, more and more people are finding motivation to get fit regardless of their age.

Afterall, if weight is just a number on a scale, then age is just a mark on a calendar.

If you want a few internet celebrities to follow who will motivate you with a good hard kick in the booty every day, try following Ernistine Shepherd, who is 80 years old and runs 80 miles a week, or 95 year old yogi master Kazim Gurbuz who has every intention of living to 130.  And he looks like he will pull it off.

Modern medicine has done more than just make us prolong miserable life for a few extra years, it has meant that we can bypass the illnesses that would have cut life short and continue to strive for vitality long after we’ve had a stamp on our senior card.

There are a few keys to finding fitness as a senior.

  1. Recognize That It’s A Slow Path

Take your time. Let it take a few years to reach peak fitness. While we still have just as much strength and fitness capacity as younger people, what we don’t have is the accelerated healing capabilities. If only we had seen those powers for what they were when we were that young, we would have felt as invincible as The Wolverine.

Creating a daily routine and sticking to it will have us feeling like we are in our 30s again in no time. And by no time I mean three years from now.

2. Weight Control is 75% Diet

Yes, you need strength and endurance training on a daily basis to reach the fitness goals we are discussing, but if weight loss is also part of the goal, recognize that what’s on your plate matters more than how many plates you lift at the gym. As that weight comes off, muscle will go on. Replace a few of those daily luxuries with a diet or raw version to see and feel results.

3. Sleep Is Crucial

As if anyone can skip the sleep once they’ve passed up that parent-of-little-children phase, am I right? We all know how many winks we need to function, and part of the glory of our age is knowing that it matters enough to skip out on other activities to feel better.  Having the steady mind of an older person is a massive upper hand in fitness because it’s easier to maintain disciplined habits and do the right thing.

4. Find A Role Model

The internet is busting with stories of inspiring people. Whether you’re 35 or 85, there’s a story out there of someone who made the choice to pursue fitness and is now living a fuller life then they dreamed was possible for their age. For a younger friend of mine that is Chris Winters,  For me it’s Jane Fonda. Here’s to you, and hoping you find an inspiration!



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