A Twist On Your Super Foods List – 6 Commonly Overlooked Super Ingredients


We all know a list of super foods to look for that boost our vitamin intake and help us feel and be better versions of ourselves, but there are a few common foods you may be overlooking that pack a punch as well.

While these aren’t quinoa or kale, these basic foods are lower calorie, higher vitamin and/or antioxidant, and very accessible because they are every day foods that you’ve probably been underrating all of your life.

  1. Bananas
    Multiple fruits in one, bananas range in health benefits based on what level of ripeness you eat them at. While green bananas can boost gut health with their starchy fibers, ripe bananas can help balance your blood sugar. Add to that the value of potassium and other base nutrients, a banana a day is more likely to keep the doctor away than most other foods.
  2. Carrots
    Spiked with carotenoids, red, orange, and yellow vegetables reduce inflammation and lower cancer risks. Sweet potatoes and red and yellow bell peppers also carry this awesome benefit and should be part of a normal salad or roasted vegetable routine.
  3. Mushrooms
    Hailed as the “superfood of 2017”, mushrooms boost nerve growth hormones and are believed to help prevent dementia, as well as being a sucker punch of antioxidants, and they also have properties that protect against inflammation.
  4. Coffee
    Caffeine has been found to be linked to lower overall body inflammation. Since 90% of age related diseases have chronic inflammation as a contributing factor, you can bet a lot on the idea that caffeine will lengthen your life. Combined with the antioxidant factors that coffee carries, this drink (when consumed WITHOUT negatives like concentrated sugars and unhealthy creamers) should definitely earn a superfood badge.Pro-tip: Using an unsweetened coconut milk acts as a mild sweetener AND creamer without any of the inflammatory attributes of dairy.
  5. Yogurt With Live Cultures
    Organic yogurt is a very inexpensive way to boost your diet with loads of probiotics. Using it as an alternative to mayo or sour cream in dips and dressings makes it an easy all-day food instead of its traditional breakfast role, and it adds a tangy protein boost to a protein shake or afternoon smoothie.
  6. Black Beans
    Aside from the standard heart health benefits of beans and legumes, black beans in particular carry antioxidants known to boost brain power. So not only are these protein and fiber powerhouses, but they also make you think better.Don’t get stuck thinking of black beans as something used in California Style Mexican food — these boogers are versatile. From fresh salsas to flour substitutes in black bean cakes and brownies, you can use them for dips, hummus, salad toppings, substitutes for pinto beans, in soups and chilis, and simmered for a basic side dish just like baked beans.




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