Could This App Replace Fitness Trackers?


Fitness trackers are a fun and addictive tech that have taken our society by storm! Beautiful sleek designs and eye catching colors make them a fashion accessory as well as a health aid. At the same time, features and apps that they sync to make them almost a toy, and for some fitness geeks they are the best kind of toy.

However, for some of us, having another expensive piece to keep track of and updated is overwhelming and emotionally challenging. Not to mention that we really don’t feel like counting steps is an authentic or effective form of fitness awareness.

So what can we use to effectively get a read on our health level other than old fashioned heart and respiration counts on a pencil marked chart?

Well, if you have a smart phone, that could very well be the only thing you need. Forget the wrist bands and heart monitors and use that old fashioned data collection to track on a graph that stays with you. Some of the following apps allow you to input your workout data and specifically configure your next workout to take you one step further in your fitness journey without damaging you or pushing you too far.


  1. FitStar

This app by FitBit lets you create a workout plaan and log the difficulty of each workout so that it can configure the next one for you. With workout videos and walk throughs, you can track your exercise and workouts carefully and personally, on a level much deeper than checking them off of a list.


2. Sworkit

Fully customizable workouts that build where you want to build at the difficulty that you choose. Sworkit generates a new workout for you every day so that you never get bored with your routine, but allows you to save and repeat favorites. Based on your goals of building muscle, ccardio strength, endurance, or stretching, the moves they throw at you will keep you having fun and trying new things.

3. Sport Tracker

For the distance lover, Sports Tracker is no longer a Nokia exclusive, but uses GPS for most platforms to track distance and speed or your run, walk, bicycle ride, or ski. You can keep a workout diary that tells you base calories burned and distance covered and it’s easy and fun.

4. Strava

This social workout platform allows runners and cyclists to connect by using GPS tracking to not only track your personal workout, but to compare your route to your friends and allow you to compete on sections of road and track by showing best times of nearby athletes for the stretch you are on.



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