The Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes

  1. Focusing On Exercise Only
    Weight loss is 75% diet and 25% exercise. If you don’t change your eating habits then you can expect your workout regime to cause weight gain due to muscle mass, and you will feel a lot healthier and stronger, but you won’t see pounds or inches fade away.
  2. Unsustainable Disciplines
    Going into starvation diets or hard core workout routines will make a bit of progress quickly, but the inability to sustain it will mean that you face emotional loss instead of moral victories, and you are actually more likely to gain it back faster than if you go for a consistent loss that is in a format of lifestyle instead of extremism.
  3. Overdoing It
    Brutally trashing yourself at the gym will mean you are too sore and exhausted the next day to workout. Starving yourself for a day at work means you won’t have the mental fortitude or ability to focus on your homework without eating in the evening. Pace your food and your workouts so that you don’t end up in massive glycemic crashes, brain starved, or in full body misery.
  4. “Bad Days”
    Eating a cookie at lunch should never mean your day is ruined, diet wise, because your body doesn’t function on a 24 hour cycle. Only your brain does. Missing a morning workout shouldn’t be a free pass to skip evening yoga. You can have a cheat minute that doesn’t mean a cheat day. I never made progress until I realized that on a physical level, every minute is a new tomorrow. You can eat something off diet at 3:54pm and start over fresh at 3:55pm.
  5. Short Term Changes
    You need to make shifts in how you think, not torture yourself for 6 weeks for immediate results. You need to recognize that a morning workout and evening pilates = good energy for the day and better sleep at night. You need to look at a donut and think “that will spike my blood sugar and make me feel drained an hour from now, so I’ll have a hand full of berries instead”.  You need to change your thought process so that your entire life shifts into a healthy pattern.
  6. Imbalanced Life
    “Burning out” is a very real issue. If your family is suddenly desperate to see you because you’re spending 90 minutes at the gym before work and then going out for another 45 when you get home, you’re gonna face frustration and depression instead of empowerment. Find exercises you can do in your own home, go to the gym after kids are in bed, do a dvd/youtube workout instead of a community class. Find a way to move forward while still maintaining relationships and getting the quality time you need for mental and spiritual health as well.
  7. Setting Loss Expectations Early In The Game
    Large losses are common at the start of a new diet or workout. Most of them are the easily shed bloat and water lbs, but it’s hard not to expect that 4lbs/week to be your new norm. Give your new life a month before generating an idea of “normal” inches and pounds loss for your choices.
  8. Forgetting The Energy Gains
    Instead of saying “I’m too tired to workout”, say “I won’t sleep well if I don’t get my routine done”. Instead of “I don’t have time to go to the gym this morning” say “my brain won’t function how I need it to for that meeting this afternoon if I don’t get to the gym!”  The mental and emotional empowering that comes from being active and getting your heart rate and body temperature up is more than worth the effort of the exercise! Same goes for food. Instead of “Oh man, I need cake!” say “I will feel so good if I get some solid protein and greens, then I can enjoy a bite of something sweet!”

Good luck with your new journey!



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